12 Plastic Mini Margarita Clear Glass

Model: 1952

12 Plastic Mini Margarita Clear Glass

Disposable tableware is very convenient. It can be used in the flats, houses, offices, on picnics, during holidays. The price low, tableware is easily processed, a wide assortment is available. Our disposable cups are made of polypropylene. The properties of the material: thermal stability enabling them to be used for both hot drinks (tea, coffee) and cold ones (juices, lemonades). Disposable polypropylene cups are highly hard and elastic, they do not crack and break, in case of deformity they easily restore their initial shape, they are transparent. Clear Plastic Disposable Mini Margarita On Stem can easily be heated to + 150 °C. It cannot be used for alcohol! You may get "Plastic Cups" right now pressing the button "buy".

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Kleur: Clear
Materiaal: Polystyrene
Inhoud: 2 oz

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